Band for Cervical Magnetotherapy

Band for Cervical Magnetotherapy

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Wiky cervical band   Do you suffer from neck pain or arthrosis? The Wiky cervical line for magnetic therapy is ideal for treating all neck pains; in particular it helps all those people who are forced to keep their heads still for long periods, even for work reasons. Features The cervical band of the Wiky wellness line is made of ultra-far-infrared polyceramics, with 4 permanent neodymium magnets covered in gold with an intensity of 1500 Gauss. Dimensions: 38x11 cm. These bands are ideal for cervical magnetotherapy treatments. Wiky cervical head application The Wiky cervical fascias must be placed in the cervical area, with the gray side on the skin, and if necessary, you must keep them even during the night. Magnetotherapy on the cervical takes some time to act. The application time may vary from a few minutes to several hours, and in any case, until the disturbance has decreased or ceased. If you suffer from seasonal, periodic or frequent pains, you can use these cervical fascias also in a preventive way to avoid the onset of pain or some diseases that affect our body. A cervical band for magnetotherapy can avoid the contractures to those who are particularly subject to physical constitution or for those who perform prolonged work with little mobility to the head. Cervical magnetotherapy Magnetotherapy with stable-field magnets has distant historical origins. It was used in China many years before the birth of Christ, and there are traces and evidence of its use in ancient Greece and among the Egyptians. The effect of magnetotherapy on the cervical is real, and there is nothing magical or miraculous. The cells of the human body are small natural magnets, with a north pole and a south pole, and as such are influenced by external magnetic fields. The cervical bands for magnetotherapy work by rebalancing the polarization of the cells and allowing your body to heal faster. Cervical arthrosis The Wiky cervical fascia is ideal for treating cervical arthritis. Cervical arthritis is a disease affecting the neck vertebrae, often linked to the intervertebral disc degeneration. As in any arthritic process, it is due to excessive tensions caused by the muscles. The cervical fascias fight and dissolve these tensions that in the long run begin to wear the cartilages thinning the intervertebral disc. Sometimes numbness, numbness of the arm and hand or even loss of muscle strength occur. Magnetotherapy treatments for the cervical fight disorders due to compression of the nerves that branch off from the spine to the arm. The cervical fascia lighten the crushing of the bloodstream that passes through the neck vertebrae and feed the brain. Cervical magnetic therapy: how does it work? ​​​​​​​Why do cervical bands work? As in all arthrotic manifestations, cervical magnetotherapy increases the vascular circulation towards the cartilage, while the action on the muscular system is performed through the repolarization of the muscle cells directly involved in the contraction. This has as a direct consequence the first decrease and the disappearance later, of the painful symptomatology related to the compression of the nerve endings. The cervical band of the Wiky line is designed and built to combat cervical disorders.